Friday, April 22, 2005

What I think about when I'm awake at 2am...
In a tape of the committee meeting obtained by The (Columbia) State newspaper, (John Graham) Altman asked why the bill's title "Protect Our Women in Every Relationship (POWER)" mentioned only protecting women.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Harrison (R-Richland) suggested calling the bill the "Protecting Our People in Every Relationship Act", or "POPER," the newspaper reported.

A voice on the tape is heard pronouncing it "Pop her." Then another says "Pop her again" followed by laughter.

"And they wonder why we rank in the bottom on women in office and we lead in women getting killed by men," Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter (D-Orangeburg), who sponsored the bill, said later.

Yeah, alluding to "popping" a woman when you're talking about violence against women is a real knee-slapper. Dicks.


  1. i have a blogspot now ... buwhahaha
    <3 amanda

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    i have a questionn about templating. normally i can do it . i just can't for this one. do you know any codes for the templates? and if you do, do you know where i can input the codes i have for the background? .. think about those and talk to you later
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  3. Did you hear they're selling T-shirts that say "Beat your woman, not your cock" in Columbia? Because apparently cock fighting is now criminal, but second offense battery is not. Fuckers.

  4. No one's ever accused a politician of being smart. Ever. Why else would they spend their lives preening for the voters and feeding at the public trough of our tax dollars?


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