Monday, May 09, 2005

Mundane Monday: Random minutiae
What I am...

Listening to: Susie Suh (no, not the same one from 80s punk band Siouxsie & the Banshees). I heard her on NPR’s Weekend Edition, immediately downloaded the CD from iTunes, and have been listening to it (over and over) ever since. The last time I did that was with Tori Amos's latest (thanks, Al!).

Reading: An advance copy of New Stories from the South 2005. It's truly the best of the best short stories by southern authors...and saves me from reading through dozens of literary journals every month.

Watching: American Dad. I saw it for the first time last night and it was damn funny. Not surprised...I like Family Guy too.

Eating: Sunsweet dried fruit, "orchard mix." I wish they'd put fewer apricots in the bag.

Wearing: Gap head to toe, though I didn't realize that when I got dressed this morning. I usually try to mix it up a little bit. Now I feel like a mall rat.


  1. You're welcome. I love that new Tori album.

    You can give me the apricots. I like em.

  2. Just went and read the comments on my blog for the first time in forever. Thank you for the sweet words about Woo. I still miss her every day, but it helps when people talk about her. That way I remember all the great things about her and not just the sad parts. Hug Miss Kitty from me.


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