Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Because I'm a philistine...
Our annual arts festival has taken over the city. I welcome it. I love it. I look forward to it. I just wish we could have cultural events like this all year round because it's damn hard to crunch a year's worth of culture into a little over two weeks.

I get as much exposure to the festival as I can, but not so much that it cuts into my copious down time. I attend some performances, but cut out during intermission if my attention wanes at all. In other words, I treat a $75-a-seat play just like I treat a $2 movie: If I'm not entertained, I'm gone. That doesn't always go over well with the person or persons with whom I attend a show, but when have I ever been preoccupied with how other people feel? Deep down, I might be a yahoo, but I figure getting my art on half time is better than not getting my art on at all.


  1. Did you get to see Mike Daisy?

  2. I didn't, but I know a few people who did see his show and liked it. The only negative press I read was that the show was a little too long, but that's pretty arbitrary!


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