Thursday, November 03, 2005

I wish I wish I wish...
I wish I could be more like Miranda July.

I don't make a habit of wishing I was someone other than who I am. But I do make a habit of wishing to be a different me sometimes. Always aspiring to be better, more creative, wiser, smarter, calmer, more open to new can be exhausting.

Part of me wants to take photographs and write screenplays and buy a motorcycle and live in another country. Another part of me wants to smack the first part for thinking that way, since we spent most of our twenties being a lot crazy and had enough excitement for two lifetimes. That part is fine right where I am, thankyouverymuch.

Someday I'll introduce the two and we'll have a nice chat over coffee and come up with a resolution that will make both of me happy.


  1. O.K., but don't buy one of those "Power Rangers" style import bikes. They force you to lean too far forward. After 15 minutes your wrists are numb. Do the Harley thing, all out.

    Consider Prague. Or confuse everyone and choose Oslo.

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  3. hidey ho! I saw Miss Miranda's film at the Phila Festival and she spoke before and after, and was sooo endearing!

    You didn't comment on the film, but if you saw it, weren't those boys adorable?!

  4. Why would Kelly Charisma want to be Miranda July? You should visualize Miranda July wishing she were Kelly Charisma.

  5. Those boys are adorable! One of the things I love about Miranda's blog is that she posts entries from the little one.

    And Nikki, you're right. I should want to be the best Kelly Charisma I can be.


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