Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What do you love?
Inspired by Margaret Cho, not in any particular order or particularly complete, my list:

NPR, Dorothy Parker, my kitty, Thunder Road, sleep, black underwear, Southern eccentrics, boy-fit jeans, Johnny Cash covers Nine Inch Nails, people who have no boundaries, a name for the condition I take for granted, Meghan Daum's satirical observations, better and faster ways to do anything, 400-thread count, inspiration boards, almond butter, knowing that llamas hum when they're happy and spit when they're not, winter accessories, brush tip pens that don't bleed through my Moleskine, my Moleskine, T.J. Maxx, i.d. bracelets, stay-at-home Saturday nights, pop art, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Confederate jasmine, cashmere, Green & Black's Maya Gold chocolate, Julia Sugarbaker, former bitchlings all grown up, Eames office furniture, MAC Cosmetics, girl comix, monkey bars on a deserted playground, Nan Goldin, Slow Food, fellow redheads, kvetching, Amy Sedaris, Amy Poehler, grilled spinach and garlic, the Sunday NYTimes Magazine, big ass redneck belt buckles, the sound of my own voice, long-sleeved shirts with thumb holes, rollerskating rinks, cheerleader movies, English walnuts, Wonder Woman, wearing my heart on my sleeve, art journals, temporary tattoos, green tea in a bottle, mouthy women, an unexpected muse, a made up language that only my sister Katie and I understand, a nice fresh yarn, my "Harlot" t-shirt, rubber stamps, believing I am beautiful, thrift stores, classics made new, people who start journal entries with "dear diary," Mom, Monkey, you.


  1. I knew it.

    You love me.

    You really, really love me.

  2. We have a crazy amount of stuff in common.


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