Monday, January 23, 2006

All din, all the time...
The City is continuing its "streetscape" project right outside our office windows. In case you're wondering what a streetscape project sounds like, imagine one of Hell's demons set loose in a Highly Breakable Objects warehouse with a jackhammer. It sounds something like that, except with four or five Hell's demons who never take lunch breaks. The resulting racket means that my usually alternately chatty-quiet office is too noisy to hear someone speaking from three feet away, hear the phone ring, or even hear myself think.

And hearing yourself think is important when you're writing. If you can't concentrate, everything you write takes on a nonsensical quality and you actually misunderstand yourself. Example: You're ticking away on the keyboard, much like this, except you have to stop every 15 seconds [WHATDIDSHEJUSTSAYMATRICIDE] because your brain [DIDIFEEDTHECAT] is generating random [UNBEARABLELIGHTNESSOFBEINGWASAGOODMOVIE] phrases and casual [SOMETHINGSMELLS..DOESSOMETHINGSMELL...IBETITSHER] observations without regard [SAMROCKWELLISCRAZYHOT] for what you're working on.


  1. Deja Vu. Remember the God Awful racket sometimes downtown?

  2. God awful racket is right! I remember those days...there was a guy working in the office right across from mine pretending to run some web site, but really just having incredibly loud cell phone conversations about Britney Spears and jello shots. I can't believe I actually got any work done.

    God I miss him.

  3. I still have the signed "Stay Cool" David Hasselhoff photo. Thanks, Charlie. I loved hearing you rant about the hippies.

    And I think Sam Rockwell is yummy. What is it about him? And Peter Sarsgaard. Mmmmm.

  4. Sam Rockwell is hawt. Did you see him in Box of Moonlight? I think there was full frontal. Must go watch now just to be sure...Ah, the joys of the Zoom button...

  5. KLo, can you organize a conference call between us three refugees from King Street? We have to have some wine and gab on the phone from Charleston, Savannah and Austin.


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