Thursday, January 19, 2006

She's mucking around with the design again...
She likes change.
She is easily bored and not easily amused.
She suspected the orange-salmon-ish background was at fault for her frequent headaches.
She's been having neurotic thoughts.
She made a new masthead.
She changed the background color.
She doesn't want to fight about it.
She promises to stop referring to herself in the third person very soon.


  1. Love it!

    The orange-ish background was a little headache inducing...this is much better.

    It looks sleek and sort of sexy! Nice!

  2. manic. manic on aisle three.

  3. Melina says you can do anything you want to do!

  4. Love. it. So much so, I'm going to fuck it.

  5. Ooooh, I have that very same bass amp!

  6. I like it and I love the amp header. The orange was definitely headache inducing but it was good for it's time. This is much sleeker, newer, very now!

  7. K - the new design is outstanding. love it!


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