Monday, January 30, 2006

My funny Valentine...
I always fall just a tiny bit in love with funny men. Like this one. And this one. And maybe even this one.

Strangely, most of the men I dated in the past were somewhat lacking in the humor department. Or if they did have a sense of humor, I wasn't privy to it. I have friends who have funny boyfriends or husbands and, even though I think it would be a laugh-a-minute (or at least a laugh-a-day) at their house, they rarely think he's as funny as the rest of us think he is. I guess Funnyboy isn't so funny when he leaves his dishes in the sink and pees all over the toilet seat.

However, my logic in thinking I could have a stable relationship with someone who makes me laugh is that I have a tendency to take myself a little too seriously. If my significant other was able to laugh off certain neurotic predilections, it doesn't seem likely that arguments would make it to the "please get out of my sight before I do something drastic" stage. Not to mention that funny people are usually a little more laid back and he probably wouldn't (a) insist on knowing where I am every minute of the day, (b) get worked up because I have male friends, or (c) freak out because I might write about what he just did or said.

If I took out a personal ad, it would read: Aspiring blithe spirit seeks witty and weird over 30 for fun and companionship. Long-term possibility if you are Seth Macfarlane. Dark side a plus. No slapstick, Steven Wrights, or Stooges.


  1. Hello? You totally left out the part about him having an "inner biker" to satisfy your bad boy fetish. Geez. What would you do without my recapitulation of your desired male traits?

    I would remind you of a certain bulletin board that would be ideal for your personal ad posting, but it is much, much too obvious.

  2. I was reading your blog while eating my dinner, and I think I just found a fingernail in my soup. That came pre-packaged from The Fresh Market.

    That is all. I have to go throw up now.

  3. I think I'd like to find a boyfriend who's silly enough to make me laugh til I cry, but maybe it's like anything, things that seem cute in the beginning become the things that drive you crazy...?

    Then again, better that than a miseryguts.

  4. Thanks, Ida! I'm happy someone is keeping track. Add Harley to Sense of Humor on the list. It's getting longer by the day.
    Al - what kind of soup? I need to know. I may never eat soup again.
    FJG - I KNOW. I hate it when they cry.


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