Friday, January 06, 2006

Please delete my name from your list...
I love this idea. Instead of sweating out my uberlist of 106 New Year's Resolutions, I could have just cancelled a few things and saved the energy. But I love checking things off, so I'll keep the uberlist tradition and replace "Life: Do more volunteer work" with "cancel some stuff."

What I've cancelled so far:
*Digital cable. Back to "preferred basic." Losing 300-something channels won't kill me. I'm not sure if losing HBO will or not. I'll let you know.
*My subscriptions to Paper and Radar. It's not the same , but I can get by reading them online. I'm not cancelling Bust though.
*Three e-mail subscriptions to health newsletters. Including RealAge.
*Weekly organic produce delivery (OK, that was last year, but I think it counts since I'm still missing it).

What I'd like to cancel:
*My student loan.
*Reality television.
*That one little black hair that shows up every few months under my chin.

Go ahead. Cancel something. It feels pretty good.


  1. Radar (print) folded. is way better.

    The Green Dragon is messing with your perception of reality. heh.


  2. Radar folded??? But I have the December issue! It has Angelina Jolie on the cover. Did it just happen? Have I been missing my MediaBistro news? I guess they won't be upset when they get my request then. Now I'm going to have to cancel Vanity Fair or Vogue. That's a hard choice to make.

  3. p.s. And I heard you were hanging out in front of the Green Dragon last weekend with all the goth kids.

  4. I love the Green Dragon because, you know, I'm like the hottest girl there! Oh... and they have incense. And all that talk of dragons makes me hot. Did I mention the graphic novels? I'm hoping they'll get some cute Emily the Strange belly shirts to show off my heart-shaped navel. Don't fear the weird! And the G.D. is so close to duh purl.... duh purl... and its milky sweet goodness. {dreamy sigh}


    Yes, m'dear. Radar is dead. You really should get your news from Gawker:

    The word verification presently staring me in the face: butsewax

    I took a photo. Will forward directly.


  5. VF or V...
    ... Dominick Dunne or Gwyneth Paltrow

    tough call.

  6. Graphic novels are way superior to comic books.

  7. I get too nervous setting foot in the Green Dragon... the incense makes me feel like I'm about to be sucked into some strange Lovecraftian alternate reality of tentacles and sharp clicks of chitin snapping down in the distance... plus, graphic novels these days are so freaking good that I'm afraid to read them... when I read "Epileptic" by David B., I immediately had to search for everything L'Association had published up to that point... so you see the danger...

  8. i love bust. I am canceling purchasing celeb rags. Does that count?

  9. I cancelled wasting my time on people who aren't worth it, does that count? ;)

  10. I think I'll cancel 'pining for love lost' that should free up a considerable amount of time for me. :)

  11. Canceling celeb rags does wasting your time on people who aren't worth it (I canceled that myself a couple of years ago and it's been great).

    Graphic novels rock. I'm a little touchy about the comic books, but try to remain unbiased (past relationship with someone who could talk comics to death. TO DEATH. But I used to read Sandman, so...).

    Ida, I found a new Emily tee for you. It's on my WISTS list.

  12. I can't believe you canceled your digital cable! Let me know if you have withdrawels.
    Cancel both Vogue and Vanity Fair, I say. But then, I'm the girl who just broke down and subscribed to US and I joyously got my first issue today!
    I'm canceling working for horrible wenches who deserve to pay a huge karmic debt and I hope I'm around to see it.


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