Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Let there be rock...
Last night, I visited one of my old haunts with Erin, our friend Leigh and her British import Geoff (it's pronounced "Jeff"). We had some food (cheese fries, how I love you...even though I could only have a few...) and played some very bad pool.

I had forgotten how much fun hanging out can be. AC's is a laid back, don't-care-what-I'm-wearing, let's-make-friends-with-the-facial-tattoo-guy kind of place. In the space of one hour, you can hear Ozzy Osbourne, the Allman Brothers, and AC/DC - in between old school rap and some song from Tommy Lee's last CD.

What I learned: I'm still fun when I go out, even though I no longer drink. However, my billiard skills have suffered tremendously and my hunch that alcohol made me good at pool was absolutely true.

What else I learned: Even though he calls the solid balls "spots," Geoff had some pretty good moves on the table. Leigh, on the other hand, is either the Rain Man of pool or a hustler because she claims to have played very little, but she nailed some amazing shots (even though a couple were the eight ball). Geoff should totally marry that girl.

High fives all around.


  1. I love that damn bar. You better stop writing about how awesome Charleston is or I'll quit my job and MOVE BACK THERE!

    And I know you don't want that...

  2. OMG, quit talking about AC's!!!!! I totally read this post and almost starting packing my shit to move back right this second!!! ARRRRRGH

  3. Al, it's only 90 minutes away! Anytime you want to kick my ass at pool, bring it on. Baby.

    CRay, we've had a lengthy conversation about why you need to come home and visit. Don't make me come to Austin to get you. I'm a-scared of Texas.

  4. ^_^ I am happy to know that you are getting out and actually having fun ! <3's

  5. Hi Amanda! Call me sometime, OK? Wondering if you're coming here for spring break.

    Geoff and Leigh - engaged! I think I started something. Geoff, don't forget to ask her again today in case she's changed her mind.

  6. women change their minds more often than men like to play with their balls don't they?

    i mean Pool Balls, obviously. the spotted ones...

  7. Look, it's simple. Both sets of balls are solids, otherwise they wouldn't bounce off each other half as well. Some are stripey, and some are spotted.

    Can you imagine what it would be like playing pool with balls of jelly? Which is a dessert, by the way.


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