Monday, April 10, 2006

Y'all just better recognize...
On Saturday morning, Erin and I rode our bikes to opening day of the Charleston Farmer's Market at Marion Square. I imagined feeling all European on the way home with a loaf of bread and a bunch of flowers in my bike basket, but what ended up in my basket was a small watermelon (!) and a wild mushroom quiche. As I screamed to (at) Erin several times on the way home, "my quiches is in pieces!"

We had to make a pit stop at the office before we biked home. While we were locking our bikes up out front, a homeless man passed by and advised us both to "recognize." I assured him that he had nothing to worry about, as we were doing some serious recognizing. Except for when Erin almost crashed into the back of me because I braked without warning to avoid a tank-sized SUV pulling out of a driveway near the park. She was not recognizing at the time.

What else we recognized:
*We said "Hi Mayor Joe!" to Mayor Joe.
*Artist friend Paul Silva has a booth this year and Erin bought two pretty giclees.
*Kids often scream for no reason and it's funny when you're not the mom of them.
*We live in a crazy-beautiful place. Everyone who doesn't is jealous of me.
* I really should get out more.


  1. I love the outdoor market! That is very european of you. I can see where you were going with that basket of bread and flowers. Watermelon and quiche is just as good! :)

  2. You're hilarious. Did you start off the morning with mimosas?

  3. KLo, you killed me. Literally had me aching to be in Charleston with this post. So much I posted about it! If you make me reach for the phone and schedule a trip I'm gonna have to smack you!

  4. The homeless guy probably meant to re-cognize -- via liquor.

    Like your quote about the kids.

  5. Even in pieces, the quiche was GOOD.
    Is that what re-cognize means? Gimme $2 to get some Mad Dog 20/20?

    Jem - You are the only person I know who would ask me if I got tanked before biking 5 miles. Of course not! It was 9 am, so I shot up instead.

    CRay - PLEASE schedule a freaking visit and we'll talk about who's getting smacked when you get here.

  6. picturing you with a watermelon in your basket is cracking me up! Who's Lucy and who's Ethel?


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