Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I will drive past your house and if the lights are all down I'll see who's around...

My friend MK (AKA Morgen at 105.5) interviewed Deborah Harry and Chris Stein (I may have mentioned being her "plus one" at the upcoming concert in June and probably going backstage and probably meeting Blondie and probably being Deborah Harry's new best friend...).

Debbie Harry has been my idol since I was humming "The Tide is High" and chopping the hair off of all my Barbies into bleachy bobs so they would look more like her. When I was listening to MK interview Deb (that's what I'll call her when we're best friends) and Chris Stein, I couldn't concentrate on what they were talking about because I kept screaming (in my head), "DEBBIE HARRY JUST SAID MY FRIEND'S NAME...MK JUST MADE DEBBIE HARRY LAUGH...SHE MAKES ME LAUGH...DEBBIE HARRY AND I ARE THE SAME."

So I'm a little star struck. But now I can go back and listen to the interview as many times as I want to, because DEBBIE HARRY HERSELF (or someone who does her bidding) posted it on the OFFICIAL BLONDIE WEB SITE (right now it's the fourth one down called "The Bridge Interview." Yeah, that's my friend MK talking to Deb and Chris Stein.

And if that isn't enough excitement for one day, the new remix "Rapture Riders" (Blondie's "RAPture" mixed with The Doors' "Riders on the Storm") was one of the songs on Alias last week.

I know it sounds like I'll show up for the concert platinum blonde with ripped fishnets and a No Exit concert t-shirt, but I'm actually way cooler than that. What I said to MK when she called to tell me about the concert tickets and going backstage to meet My New Best Friend Deb: "Do NOT, under any circumstances, let me SPEAK to her."


  1. One way or another... just remember, you're a star too.

  2. You're right, Jason. I AM the star of my own show. If navel-gazing was a sport, I'd be an Olympic champion. I think that's what I am going to tell Deb when I meet her, but it will probably sound more like

  3. Omphalopsychite extraordinaire
    Before her hero - does she dare

    To speak? Or rather ramble
    Words smacked together, full

    Of whimsy flashing just below
    The place of easy rhythm, flow

    ...um, okay, so Marjory Wentworth I'm not.

  4. NICE poem! And I had to look "omphalopsychite" up in the dictionary. I initially thought it was a made up word, so I think that - along with mad rhyming skilz - puts you right up there in the ranks of state poet laureate. You've got my vote! (if there is a vote...)

  5. I'm the guy who does her bidding. I had to laugh when I read that!


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