Friday, June 16, 2006

Keepin' it surreal...

Since I have a tendency to become reclusive, I have a standing contract with myself to Get Out More, and also to Start Doing More Stuff. One of the rules is: spend one weekend hiding out and the following weekend I have to accept at least one invitation to Do Something Fun. Since I spent last weekend perfecting my recipe for baked chicken fingers and catching up on my Netflix rentals, and my Something Fun for this weekend broke its clavicle and won't be touring, I promised that I would RSVP "yes" to the first thing someone asked me to do.

So last night I got a phone call from my BFF MK, also known as radio jock extraordinaire Morgen in the Morning , inviting me to spend an afternoon with her while she does a remote at a shop that sells adult media, novelties, and, um, "marital aids." First, it's not one of those places like the one that had the icky movie booths and trenchcoat-wearing patrons that closed down a while back. Second, I've had "wind-up hopping penis" on my shopping list for about a year now. Third, it isn't my maiden voyage to one of those places. And fourth, MK and I make each other laugh until we're sick. So I'm going. Now what to wear...what to wear...she already nixed my "Harlot" t-shirt, but the last time I joined her for a remote she made me wear a santa hat, so it's clear that I'm going to have to put some thought into an ensemble.

Before I venture forth, a quick warning label review:
* For external use only.
* Do not insert in ear canal.
* This product is not intended for the prevention of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.
* The slight tingle lets you know it's working.
* Do not use while sleeping or unconscious.


  1. While there DO NOT sit on the floor. Especially if it's in North Charleston.

  2. OMG, are y'all doing a remote from my living room?!

  3. tj - not only will I not be sitting on the floor, I will also make a weekend exception and not go commando. But let me add that this place is so clean it is unlikely to have sticky floors.

    charlie - you are my favorite perv and I wish I was going to be in your living room, but I am not going to miss the 10th anniversary of a sex shop to listen to you talk like Britney Spears.

  4. You crack me up! If you are going out and about you do it right. :)

  5. All the best. Take pictures.

  6. Well? Nothing to report?

  7. Other than that I'm not telling you if I purchased anything and if I found myself a new boyfriend? Noooo, not really. I laughed a lot. I let MK spank me with a leather paddle. I refused to say anything while she was on the air or tell anyone my real name or where I work. I had some interesting conversations, mostly with the women who work there. One with a guy who was specifically shopping for a "redheaded blowup doll," but let's not go there.


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