Saturday, June 03, 2006

Microfamous on the outside, tasty on the inside...

I found the Sloganizer through Joan at Walk This Way and have been having way too much fun with it ever since. I should be packing so I can cram seven changes of clothes and four pairs of shoes into a carry-on, but instead I'm typing dirty words into a slogan generator and giggling about what comes up.

So, lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen, I am off to the Land of Manhattan with my favorite gal pal writer, Miss Nobody Aleigh. Try not to miss me too much, but if you do get bored while I'm gone, I have two words for you: Eat Me.


  1. You're describing your trip to Big Lots with Erin to me right now -- in our hotel room in NEW YORK CITY.

    We are so awesome.

  2. I can't believe y'all are having a bright lights/big city week without me. I want to hear everything you learn. Ring me when you hit Sephora so I can give you my order!

  3. Dying from Sloganizer. I can't get enough.

    When I put in His name it says that He is good 'til the last drop. Oh, so true.

    I apparently do the body good.

    I will get nothing done at work tomorrow due to Sloganizer. Thanks.

  4. Sloganizer now owns me. Thanks for the link.


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