Thursday, June 22, 2006

The party people scream “Oui oui c’est vrai!”

Heure de L'aperitif Nombre Deux was at The Map Room for "Working Women's Wednesday." I dragged Erin along this time, thinking it would take some of the pressure off since she's always entertaining. What I didn't consider is, with her being a redhead, MK being a redhead, and being a redhead myself meant that the first Hour of Happy would consist of people dropping by the table to make "The Redhead Table" and "Three Redheads" jokes. No, we're not sisters (other than having red hair, we look nothing alike). Yes, we all have crazy Irish genes. No, we won't "prove that it's real." I understand that it's a recessive gene and red hair isn't exactly prevalent, but damn. Now I'm thinking about going blonde again.

The second hour mostly involved drinking stories, which I loved because MK has known me for about 15 years and can rattle off a list of my most embarrassing drunken incidents without provocation. Even the ones I'd forgotten about. Let's just say I ran off to the little girls' room every time my name came up, which was often enough to make everyone assume that either I have the tiniest bladder in the world or I have another kind of problem (except that I didn't return talkative and wild-eyed). But I really have to thank MK for omitting the one about the 1994 Ramones show and my ex-boyfriend, the Incident at the Farm during the Joan Osbourne show, the Five Dollars the Hard Way story that involved Fred from Cowboy Mouth, and anything remotely related to this.

I got a little nervous because Erin took out her little notebook less than 10 minutes after we got there and I thought she was making lists of why she hated me for roping her into my Happy Hour discovery mission, but she assured me that she was only taking notes in order to blackmail me later.

Two down, one to go. I think HH #3 will be on Friday, but I'm undecided on location. Just to mix it up, I considered a biker bar, but I'm afraid I'll get my ass kicked by a biker chick for infringing on her territory. I haven't thrown a punch since I was in my early 20s and never when I was sober, so I'm not sure I could defend myself against Very Scary Hairy Sherry even if I wanted to.


  1. Someone noticed the redhead to other ratio was quite out of whack at the blogger meetup, as well.

    I've heard so many amusing anecdotes over the years. There were times I'd swear some men thought we were an entirely different species of women.

  2. Sniff. I just miss being called the lady with the "premature" gray hair.

  3. Heather, we should just start a club. I do think we might be from another planet or something. And Joan, I'll give you the number off of the bottle my hairdresser uses if you want to join! I think you'd fit right in...

  4. You are definitely an interesting, complex person. I enjoyed the last three posts I read. Anyone who loves Xanadu can't be all that bad. I recently found you and Heather on the Lowcountry bloggers, keep up the good work. And if you fall off the wagon, go kick some biker-chick a@@. -JET
    Btw, I didn't realize there are carrot tops in Chucktown.

  5. Kelly, This is hilarious. Listen, you gotta go with me next time I do something like see Hank Williams III at the Kickin' Horse in Awendaw. For the Cultural Experience. Take redheads. Give the biker chicks a scare. -- harriet at gmlc

  6. Thank you, Jet. I prefer interesting and complex to pedantic and shallow, so I'll take that compliment and throw one back at you: Nice tux!

  7. Harriet! I am all over that potential invite. If you don't still have my cell #, email me at work and I'll send it to you. I'm always up for a last minute let's-go-do-some-hell-raising invitation.

    Except anything outdoors in the summer during the day. We'll have none of that. Early am and evenings outdoors are fine.


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