Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sippin' Pellegrino like it's Belvidere...

Yes, that's what I'm doing.

I miss the martinis. I think they miss me too. I hate to think of them out there, all icy and dirty olive-y and lonely without me. It's not like I haven't been to a bar since I stopped drinking a year or so ago. I've been to plenty of events and soirees for work and friends. I just haven't been out for "happy hour" by choice. What exactly is a happy hour without the cocktail anyway? What's going to make ME happy if I don't have an icy cold vodka martini or four? I aim to find out.

My goal: Three happy hours in three days. Can I do it?

One down. I went to J. Paulz on James Island to join my friend MK out on the deck for some happy hour merriment. It wasn't hard because it's a laid back kind of place and she wasn't drinking either (not that I mind; it only bothers me when I'm in a roomful of people who are so trashed they're yelling out requests for "SKYNYRD!" when there's no live band). Nice day, nice breeze, nice patio.

I didn't stop drinking because I had a problem or because I couldn't control it. I stopped drinking for health reasons and I feel about a million times better having gone for a year-plus without a single hangover. Not to mention the many lbs. gone, gone, gone. But alcohol is a social lubricant. People get chatty. It loosens us up. We're entertaining. We talk to strangers easily. We bond. Without it, I feel incredibly awkward and out of my element, like I'm 13 years old and I just know everyone hates me.

I make conversation. I eat lovely sushi. I drink my water. I even smoke a cigarette because I've been chewing nicotine gum all day and I'm on a patio and I want one because everyone else has one and I can't have a f*cking martini, so...

The verdict? I feel stupid and contagious. Next.


  1. Happy hour without a drink is like...the other 23 hours of the day. But I understand what you are doing. It makes sense.

    I listen to your friend on the radio when 96WAVE has a commercial. A DJ and an Editor. You two qualify for superhero status.

  2. We are superheroes! Or super villains, depending on how you look at it. I'm going to pretend you didn't say you listen to the Bridge when 96WAVE is on commercial break...

    Stay tuned for happy hour number two tonight...I'm thinking the live band might make a diff in the happiness factor.

  3. I find you very amusing, with or without a buzz on. Bye cranky!

  4. OK- so you say you didn't quit because you had to... and you don't want a million hangovers in a row.... so I wonder why you "can't have a martini". Just one.

    No hangover, pleasant mixing abilities, and no social discomfort.

    Unless maybe you did quit because you had to... in which case you should stick to your plan.

  5. Well, had to in a sense. I have diabetes that I control with diet & exercise and not insulin. That's the "health reasons" I mentioned. Insulin-dependent diabetics can drink if they adjust their dosage. I just want to postpone having to inject myself a few times a day as long as possible (or until never!).

  6. Ahhh, so. That sucks (about having diabetes). I think it's a great thing that you can control it on your own and avoid the drugs.

    I used to work for an opthalmologist, (you wouldn't believe the bad stuff diabetes can do to your eyesight) and these people would come there straight from pigging out at Burger King, with ice cream stains on their collars, and whine about their eyes being in bad shape.

    The docs would tell them again and again about diet and exercise. So many people are apathetic and lazy, and end up on drugs and losing their eyesight needlessly.

    You're smart!

    - M

  7. Yeah. Pretend I didn't say 96WAVE rules. Thanks.


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