Thursday, June 08, 2006

Proving that I can still get my New York on...

Finally catching up on sleep and work after four days in NYC. This photo was taken in the window of our hotel on our last day there, I think.

Mornings are a bit of a blur. Aleigh can attest to the fact that I'm not a morning person. I'm a lot more fun after a venti iced nonfat latte or two. And evenings, during which I reverted to giggly high school slumber party Kelly (except for sneaking the boys in after midnight).

Some highlights: Brunch at the Morgan Library & Museum with the amazing Janice Taylor, shopping at H&M (I'd never been and I could LIVE there), staying at 70 Park Avenue (I could live there too), getting my eyebrows done right before we got on the subway at Rockefeller Plaza (I made Aleigh go first), sushi in the Village, walking and walking and walking, browsing the Sam Flax store in Chelsea for over 2 hours, more walking, gigantic TJ-freaking-Maxx (Aleigh's mecca!), more walking and new Merrells (it was that or go barefoot), a MediaBistro workshop and meeting talented and funny NYC writers, saying "that's what I love about New York" about a billion times, conquering my fear of flying without alcoholic beverages or ripping up a seat cushion with my teeth, and having Miss Kitty greet me upon my arrival with the longest meeeeoooooow ever. There are a few other things that I'll share later (I know...I'm such a blog-tease).

And that's what I love about New York.


  1. Ha! I am so good with the spending of the shopping.

  2. Waaaa....I wanna go to New York.

  3. Aleigh, you are so good with the spending of the shopping of the money. I happen to be good at the making of the change of the money.

    Joan, let's ALL go! I'm ready for another trip.

  4. New York is great, especially Brooklyn. I love Brooklyn. Really.

    I like the tat. It's cool in a cool kind of way. And your picture indicates to me that you're a morning person. You look radiant.



  5. Ah, doesn't a quick trip to the City make everything ok? Always works for me. So glad you had a good time and disovered the greatness that is H&M.


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