Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Where there's smoke...

When the band took a break, he sat down next to me at the bar. Without saying a word he picked up my chrome Zippo lighter and started doing tricks with it, flicking it open and lighting it with one hand. I asked if he was trying to impress me.

He looked down and I thought I'd embarrassed him, until he looked up again (he was the first person I'd met whose eyes actually twinkled) and said, "am I?"

"Not really." Actually, he was pretty dexterous.

"Yeah? You try it then."

I told him I only knew one trick.

“Do it,” he said, and handed me the Zippo.

I turned in my chair, crossed my legs high so my knee was level with the bar, flipped the lighter open with two fingers, and struck the flame by running it fast up my thigh.

He leaned over and said, “I knew I was playing with fire.”

I still miss that Zippo.


  1. I remember that zippo! Didn't it have your name down the side and a bunch of scrollwork? You let him keep it!?! I guess you don't need it anymore anyway, since you don't have to light nicorette gum.

  2. You are SUCH a redhead.

    (And I am so envious)

  3. I'm just glad you didn't say that you lit the holiest of holies on fire. Whew.

  4. Oh man do you have a way of telling a story without saying a whole lot.

    I need to get out more often...

  5. Must learn that technique...

  6. That is the one and the same irreplaceable Zippo and no, I didn't let him keep it. I lost it a couple of years ago. Even though I don't need it to light my gum, I still miss it.
    Ida - I will take "redhead" as a compliment!
    TJ - I would never harm the holiest of holies, no matter how pissed off/drunk/provoked.
    Les - I need to get out more often too.
    R - I still hate f*cking frogs.

  7. Such a compliment!

    You are my Zelda, and I heart you.

  8. kelly love,

    I have never f*cked a frog. I will take your word for it.

  9. I've heard rumors about those thighs, something about being able to crack coconuts. Had no idea they could start fires. Hot damn.

  10. Ida - Thank you kindly, ma'am. You know what's funny about that? JUST this past weekend I watched Winter Dreams, a documentary about Scott and Zelda. It was excellent.

    Dancing on table with a bottle of hooch, yes. Causing a scene, yes. Riding around in a convertible wearing my fox fur, yes. Getting locked up by my husband for schizophrenia (what they now know was actually bipolar disorder), no.

    Mark - Those weren't rumors. Everything you heard about my thighs is absolutely true. Also, I got your email. Did we go to high school together? Forgive me for not being able to place you...I was drunk for most of my senior year. Please let me know if I owe you a Step 9.


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