Friday, July 07, 2006

Brought to you by American Greetings and the word "duh"...

My sister Katie recently mailed me a card with the latest Cute Nephew photos.

The card:

And the interior (along with Cute Nephew photos):
Right, I know, he's freaking cute. But read the card. Because I don't get it. Why would I mind? She knows I like brawny, tattooed guys. Is the ostrich supposed to be the joke? I don't really have anything against them. It would be better if he was on a Harley instead of an ostrich, but I'm not going to be nitpicky about it.

I've never been "math smart" or particularly "logical," but now I am also not smart enough to understand a joke on a greeting card.


  1. No offense-but those aren't tats. What I have are tats. And brawny - yeesh. I'm built like a MAck Truck.

    But I'm not your nephew...

  2. OK, so you didn't understand the card either. I've come to the conclusion that I'm supposed to NOT want her to give my number to the guy on the ostrich. And that's supposed to be the joke. I might be overthinking...

    Tats and brawny, check. But can you RIDE AN OSTRICH? If so, I have to introduce you to my sister so she can give you my number.

  3. That card is marketed at Middle America. The Middle American Matronly Woman would not want that guy to call her because he doesn't look like Ryan Seacrest. I think you're just not the right audience for the card.

  4. I see. I feel like, well, an idiot. But I can ride an ostrich though it's not pretty. And someone has to pay for therapy for the ostrich.

  5. The joke, in a word, is:


    And I think that card was "photoshopped".

    That guy was originally photographed at a skinhead convention, and that ostrich would have kicked the shit out of his razor-loving arse if he was stupid enough to try and ride it.


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