Friday, August 11, 2006

How to f*ck with your cat...

Wait for the usual 5:30 a.m. wake up attempt in a completely dark room, grab camera from nightstand, point, and shoot.

Before I took this, she had already dragged one of her toys (a bunch of feathers on a stick) onto the bed and dropped it on my face. The feathers were wet with cat drool. Gross. Usually, after she knows I'm awake, she hunkers down and pretends like she's asleep. If I don't at least make an attempt to pet her, she scooches up by my head, smushes her face against mine, and makes "biscuits" in my hair. Usually I just roll over and go back to sleep. Bu this morning, I decided to take advantage of my alertness (I think it's the steroids I'm taking, but I was awake at an hour I haven't seen since it used to be my bedtime) and I snapped a flash photo. Miss Kitty hates a flash photo.

When I left for the office at 8, she was still pissed and chewing on my spider plant in the bay window. I'm probably going to come home to cat sh*t in my shoes.


  1. Cat's get back at their staff in strange ways.

  2. omg, as a fellow cat-owner i completely get this. i get the kneading on the head, but when he's really mad, he starts pulling my hair with his teeth.

  3. Just ran out of the house to meet a friend for coffee even though I knew Lucy wanted to go outside. Came back an hour later to chewed up flip-flops. So dogs have their way of showing their pissed off too!


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