Thursday, September 21, 2006

Life equals love equals death. It's symbolic.*

I am a wannabe art collector. I love photography and sculpture and collage and other random bits of creative ephemera. I'm always amazed at the glimpse you can get into someone else's mind through the pieces they create. It makes me more creative. Besides my own collaging and painting and tiny sketches, I've written short stories based on paintings, long stories based on woodblock prints, and part of a novel based on tattoo art.

Last year, I bought a print of a photo by Lolly Koon that hangs in my bathroom. It's the one on her "narrative" page of the two sinks and two mirrors and the reflection of the girl with wings. It makes me feel happy whenever I look at it.

Last month, I bought the #3 collection from North Drive Press. It's a box with work from multiple designers and artists - postcards, posters, pocket art, short stories printed in little books...even a 7-inch record. I'm still digging my way through it, but I love, love, love my one-in-500 piece of the art world.

Currently coveting: Gayle Brooker's portraits (particularly the cigarette girl), Bespoke's Photographic Notice boards ("Girl Getting Out of Car" would look good in my office), this little piece from one of the ArtSquared artists, and just about anything by Alie Ward (particularly the "no I want you to have it" piece that's been sold).

Creation begets creativity. Even if you don't (or won't) call yourself an artist, writing an artist's statement is almost as good as therapy. Summer Pierre's wonderful 30 Days of Images makes me believe I can be endlessly inspired. Jenny Holzer's Truisms are both entertaining and heart-wrenching.

Put it out there. Keep it moving. And keep Hugh Macleod's "How to Be Creative" list on hand to read the next time you stall out.

*quote from the movie "If Lucy Fell" in which Ben Stiller plays an artist named Bwick Elias.


  1. did YOU just watch that on tv the other day, too?


  2. Have you ever looked at any Hal Hartley movies? I suspect you might enjoy Trust, starring Adrienne Shelly and Martin Donovan.

    I'm not saying that the answer to the riddle of existence can be found in that movie or anything, of course...

  3. I LOVE "If Lucy Fell." It's one of the few movies I keep my VCR hooked up for!

    And I do think the riddle of existence can be found in Hal Hartley's movies. I love Trust and Henry Fool is one of my all time favorites.


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