Saturday, November 25, 2006

Must be jelly because jam don't shake like that...

A must-stop when traveling back and forth from Charleston to Hilton Head (or Beaufort...or Savannah): the Carolina Cider Company . The original is in Garden's Corner, but I noticed while making annual trek to sister's house for T-Day that there's now a second Carolina Cider location just before 17 turns into 95 (on the other side of the road, perfect for stopping on a return trip).

My favorites: The blueberry fruit spread (made with juice and not sugar), and the whole cherry fruit spread (though I heat and use as topping for ice cream, not as a spread). I used to love the Nora Mill speckled grits, but they're a little too high-carb for me now. The nieces always love honey sticks. My mom loves pepper jelly (pour it over cream cheese and serve with crackers). Yum.

Must now figure out a way to lose 8 lbs. in two weeks while keeping blood sugar within acceptable levels, without involving too much exercise, and still allowing clearance for next holiday snarf-fest in less than a month. Meal planning is like advanced calculus. Or something else really hard.

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  1. I love this shop! They sell 'Cheerwine' too in GLASS bottles which is the only place I have ever seen them. They're cooler than 'Coke' glass bottles - trust me.


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