Monday, November 27, 2006

I am thankful for many things...

This little guy is one of them.
Since he's the only boy in the family, I am trying to teach him the Way of the Warrior so that he may survive his teen years living among Amazon women. So far, we've worked on his drool defense and high-pitched screaming.

Then there are the girls: My sisters, my nieces, and my mom, the women who never fail to make me laugh even when we have something to cry about. And my girl friends, some here at home, some close by, and some far away. The women I work with - brilliant, creative, funny, and, well, a lot like my family.

Also: My boy friends, at home (even when you don't call me for weeks) and far away. And my other kind of boyfriends, because you put up with a lot and know how to depart graciously. Miss Kitty. Winter in the south. My fireplace. Fresh cider. Clean sheets that smell amazing. A whole other week of vacation days this year. Holiday drop ins. My first book contract. Listening to Bruce Springsteen's "Thunder Road" (Don't turn me home again, I just can't face myself alone again...) on the road. Discovering that my BFF Amy and I both once had imaginary boyfriends named Ricky, except instead of having an imaginary baby, I broke up with his imaginary ass. Moosefest 2007 (I'm serious!). Cashmere socks. Public radio archives, especially "Writers' Views" on NPR and Studio 360 on PRI. Did I already say Miss Kitty? She gets awfully cute & cuddly when it's 50 degrees outside and I have the windows open.


  1. Thanks! We do make pretty babies in my family. :)

  2. Are cashmere socks dry-clean only? If they get thrown in the regular wash by accident, do they become baby socks?

  3. It's a great time of year to buy antlers in preparation for Moosefest 2007. I saw a pair at Walgreens last night...

  4. Jaz - cashmere socks are to be hand-washed, dried flat. Larger cashmere garments should be dry cleaned. And never (ever!) put in a dryer. What doesn't shrink will become a pill-y mess. Wool, on the other hand, would shrink in the washer/dryer and make baby socks.

    Katie - Were they on a Northern Exposure ball cap?


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