Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Five...

Dang, I miss the Friday Five. I used to participate, the questions got tedious, then they went away. Today I found the new Friday5 site (they've been running them since the middle of last year) and figured I'd give it a whirl. This won't be a regular thing, because I had to scroll back a few months to find interesting Qs.

Talkin' 'bout Tools
Where is your hammer, and what did you last use it for? Under my bed; I can't remember actually using it. I keep it there in case I can't get to my gun if someone breaks into my house.
What is your everyday cutlery like? My fancy and everyday are the same: Oneida stainless with a "non-pattern" called Bergen. I like plain.
What are you using for a toothbrush? The ones my dentist gives me when I have my six-month cleanings.
How particular are you when it comes to writing implements? I go through phases. Right now I'm using Flair pens because my book editor had one when she visited for a meeting. I use regular #2 pencils a lot at work.
What is the most use-specific tool you own? A weird little hex key that opens the a/c vent so I can change the filter that I have to special order because they no longer make that size.

Meme if you like! That's it for today. My favorite Aleigh is coming up from Savannah to visit this weekend and I must mentally prepare (kidding...I haven't seen Al since June when we were in NYC and I've very much looking forward to some Aleigh-time).


  1. You are very brave to go to the dentist twice a year.

    I cracked a tooth crown to root once and my dentist pulled it out of my head. I was brave for her the whole time but I still recall the splintering sounds as she worked the tool that makes a broken tooth become an all-gone tooth.

    I remember to misplace the little postcards I get reminding me that it is time for my check-up.

  2. My dentist and I have a deal: I show up twice a year without fail, and she promises I will never have to wear dentures. She also promises to give me valium before any filling, cap, crown, or other dental work beyond my regular cleaning. I think I come out ahead on this one!

  3. A gun! Not that I would, but I'm never going to try and break in to your house.


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