Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What makes my heart happy...

My book editor offered a (completely unsolicited) extra six days for me to work on finishing the second half of my manuscript. I'm a stickler about deadlines and would never have dreamed of asking for an extension, even if the last chapter killed me, but my book editor is awesome and must have ESP because she just made my week.

Michael brought over jambalaya for dinner that was so good it made me want to ask him to be my lawful wedded wife, but I refrained. We watched a documentary on Charles Busch (The Lady in Question) instead. "I hate this house! I hate these walls... I hate that sofa! The only part of this dump that doesn't make me puke is that door - because that's the way I'm gettin' out!" ~Angela Arden

I get to see my favorite Aleigh in Savannah this weekend. Since I promised not to talk her out of getting married (which wasn't hard, since her fiance is a gem and a catch and a charmer), I get to be her break from talkin' 'bout the wedding stuff. Al and I generate a lot of creative energy together and I always end up with pages of scribbled ideas from our visits.

I think I'll be ready for the roller derby in about a year if I keep roller skating once a week. Adult skate, Thursday evenings, 6:30 to 8:30, Hotwheels James Island. $3 for admission AND skate rental. I'm skipping this Thursday, but will be back on wheels April 5. Janet, Katie, Leigh and I had a lot of fun last week (YES all my friends have blogs) because it's so very 80s and such a great feeling to pretend you're 13 again for a couple of hours. I leave you with two words: Side ponytails!


  1. No side ponytail this week?
    That's okay, I was acutally thinking of not going this week also--have to get the house ready for out-of-town guest.
    I'll be back April 5 too!

  2. I'd rollerskate here but the damned hills are too steep. Road rash, anyone?

    Mash Aleigh from me. I'm jealous of creative brainstorming.

  3. Rushes to check new schedule - whoo-hoo - I'll be there April 5. My hair is too short for the side ponytail, perhaps a couple of Toni Basil inspired pigtails?

    My mother (who is 71 years old) wanted to come with us, but I forbade her with her osteoporosis ate up self.

  4. Good luck with the manuscript - I will be buying the book when it is published!

    In case you are interested, I tagged you for a Thinking Blogger award. Lame or cool? You decide.

  5. Jem - they don't have rinks in SF? Outdoor skating is scary. Rinks are cool.

    Kate - Thanks for the tag! I'm going to check it out and think about blogs that make me think. Right now, even my own has the opposite effect but I think I'll be better in about a week.


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