Friday, May 11, 2007

Or do I just have PMS?

Do I really want to pull a Britney and cut all my hair off? Or is it just the first hot day of the year and my hair makes me feel sweaty? I keep running across really cute short haircut photos that make me want to take the leap.

Do I really want to get a dog? Or is it just that my cat doesn't love me enough? Will anyone ever love me enough?

Do I really need these? (The answer is: "no, you're supposed to be saving for a house.")

I hate to blame any behavior on hormones because I can be as crazy as crazy gets any day or time, but just to be on the safe shopping, social activities involving other people, or major decision making for the next 24 hours. I have four Netflix movies, a six-pack of diet Dr. Pepper, Green & Black dark chocolate, and enough quinoa salad (why didn't the recipe say it blows up like couscous when you cook it?) to last me for a week. I think I'll make it.

Happy Friday, y'all.


  1. GIRL. Those shoes are HOTT.rftabpkw

  2. I always start to crave short hair as we get into summer. And then, as soon as I cut it, everywhere I look everyone has long beautiful hair. Wait 2 weeks or so and see if you still want that short cut.

  3. That dog looks just like your cat. I think you should get one.

    And this actress has my hair:


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