Monday, August 27, 2007

Because I wanted it to look that way...

I think if you're over 30 and do something different...or, let's say, your hair, people think you're mental.

I am not mental; it's just that my brain won't age with the rest of me. It still thinks we're a teenager. A teenager who likes to f*ck with her hair.

My most recent hair experiment: Dark brown with Manic Panic "Vampire Red" underneath. I won't bore you with how many trips to the stylist this required and how much work it will be to maintain, but I will share some of the comments I've gotten.

My mother: "That looks (pause) interesting. I mean NICE. I meant nice."
My sister: "It must be nice to not have to worry about what people think of you."
My boss: "I liked it better red all over."
My 3-year-old niece: "What's in your hair?"
The guys who moved in my new sofas: "Cool hair."

Here's the thing: I don't want to grow up. I like changing my hair. I don't want to be conventional. I don't care what other people think. Life is too short not to put vegetable dye in your hair.


  1. Your makeup looks FABULOUS, as always. I think your next book should be Skirt! Rules for Your Face. Hee!

  2. Thanks, darling! I'm actually not wearing all that much, but my new Philosophy Supernatural foundation is a MIRACLE. And it's 3 steps in one, so you'll love it.

  3. Oh, and I like the hair color. And the cut!

    Although, I think you're pretty enough for a picture that's in focus. So...stop hiding behind the blur.

  4. I think it looks fantabulous. And it's an awesome cut too. Very rock n roll.

    Tell your mother to shut up.

  5. Girl -- you look gorgeous!

  6. I SWEAR the blur isn't intentional! I'm not good with the taking of the pictures with one arm thing. And I'm not always the one taking the pictures! But thank you. And thank you, Erin, JAZ & Shelia. Maybe I'll do blue next time.

  7. I think it looks really really pretty. I love the cut too. Very nice side swiped bang action.

  8. Life is too short. Do what makes you happy. I think it looks fantabulous!

  9. I've always been a huge fan of crazy hair, whether color or cut or whatever. Rock it, girl.

    Also - you find out who your real friends are when you do stuff like this. If people treat you differently because of your hair color, what does that tell you about their priorities?

    Straight up.

    - M

  10. ooh! I love it. I wish I were going to Savannah with y'all so I could see it in person AND get everyone's opinion on what to do with my own hair. I'm thinking about the Amelia Earhardt cut. SHORT!


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