Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Things that give me goosebumps...

* This song from Dreamgirls (Broadway production, 1982, Jennifer Holliday).

* The last 10 minutes of the last episode of Six Feet Under.

* Rufus Wainwright's voice. And this song.

* Any one of a dozen Julia Sugarbaker speeches from Designing Women.


  1. ahh yes, julia sugarbaker...

  2. Oh! I loved Designing Women when it was on! That's a show I totally forgot about.

  3. It's back on the Ion network now in the evenings! I found it while flipping channels a few weeks ago. Julia Sugarbaker is my idol.

  4. I lost, or rather, enjoyed 90 minutes to these links today...thanks for posting them.

  5. my absolute favorite of Rufus's is The Art Teacher. Love, love love.

  6. Re: Rufus--Love it...in small doses; Dreamgirls--I, too, am a strong black woman and I am not going; Julia Sugarbaker--We bond over our frustration at being surrounded by idiots.


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