Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thinking cool thoughts...

* If one more person asks, "hot enough for ya?" I'm going to spontaneously combust.
* I don't like contributing to global warming, but I love air conditioning, which makes me an active participant in the destruction of our planet. Um...sorry.
* I can't sleep without a fan going.

I stumbled across this animated story of a girl and her fan by Lori Samsel on YouTube. Enjoy.


  1. What would we say, if we could no longer say "hot enough for ya?"

    I enjoy saying that it's "hotter than the hinge on the screen door to hell!"

  2. I actually like saying "I'm sweating my balls off," but only because I think it's funny. Not because I have balls. Because I don't. Not technically, anyway.

  3. I love that cartoon!

  4. See, with the fans, there are rows and rows of them advertised to be "whisper quiet" but what I need is a good, old-fashioned whhhhooooossssssshhh-ing box fan to make lots and lots of sound-canceling white noise to knock me down into dreamtime.


  5. ok, is it bad that like, not 10 minutes before I checked your site I noticed my fan broke? the motor spins but the rotors don't. it isn't particularly warm up here in Halifax--yet--but for naps it isn't the same without the whirring of the fan. To drown out the sounds of crazy crying babies.

    I sure am glad it isn't too hot here like it is down there, although some days I'd gladly trade the fog, rain and mugginess for a stint in a dry heatwave (which I understand isn't the climate down there, but I digress).

    is it winter yet?

  6. No, it's definitely NOT dry here in Charleston. Ugh.

    I'm with y'all on the white noise. I use an air purifier but only for the noise. When I go on vacation or stay with a friend, I'm screwed!

  7. JAZ: I like the whoosh of a fan myself (not the box fan; mine is the retro style back & forth model). White noise is awesome.

    Lynerd: Maybe your fan thinks you've been spending too much time outside in the cool breeze?

    Suz: I am dreaming of November right now...


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