Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dare for Colbert...

I was thrilled to pieces when I heard that Stephen Colbert would be running for President in his home state of South Carolina, because how could he say no to putting on a flirty skirt for the magazine I work for? We're based in his home town of Charleston, we love him, he's confident in his masculinity, he needs the female vote, we love him, he loves feminists, he probably wears a skirt around the house just for fun anyway, and did I already say that we love him?

If anyone out there has a friend of a friend who is friends with the person who gives Mr. Colbert his weekly mani/pedi, could you put him in touch with us please?

And please feel free to re-post this image to your blog (I'd be eternally grateful) with a link back to If you do re-post, leave a comment and let me know!


  1. How do I put this on my blog? BTW I changed my URL so it's the correct spelling of Kudzu now!

  2. Thank you! If you click on the image, you'll get a large version. Right click and "save as" to your hard drive, then when you do a new post, you just insert it as an image.

  3. That is fabulous!!! I'm totally putting it up.

    Can I put it on the skirt site too? :-)

    Also, have you sent it to his publicist?

  4. I just emailed his sister-in-law on your behalf. Whoop!

  5. Mir - thank you! It's on my blog on the Skirt site (and Margaret's too), but definitely put it up if there's a spot for it.

    Ida - Yay! I should have known you'd have the hook up.

  6. kelly, thanks for taking the burden of creative writing from me for the day...(I'm much better with my paint brush, than my blog...) I hope Colbert comes through for ya!

  7. Kelly, I swiped it and re-posted it, too.

    I would LOVE to see Colbert in an issue of Skirt. He could beat the pants and the skirt off Hillary any day.

    I'm thrilled to give him (And you) your necessary shout-outs!

  8. Keeping my fingers crossed for you! I'd love to see Colbert in a skirt in Skirt!

  9. fingers crossed here as well. love love love him.


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