Monday, October 22, 2007

Things that I am today...

Disturbed by dark movie hangover: I watched both The King and Reign Over Me in one day this weekend. Both were good enough to get a Netflix 5 stars from me, but The King was disturbing enough to keep me fixated on it for a while.

Irritated with new Blogger design tools and my other web site in general. I had to take the graphics down because Blogger keeps screwing with the code. I don't mean to be all "I hate change" about it, but the old Blogger code was so much easier.

Tired because I woke up at 1:30 am because I had a (giant, malovent, Palmetto) bug ON MY ARM. Flinging it off woke me up, but hunting it down and killing it and leaving its carcass in the hall for the others to see and fear because I CANNOT GO TO SLEEP IF A BUG IS IN MY ROOM invoked an adrenalin rush that kept me awake until almost 3:30am. Insomniacs loooove 3:30am.

Optimistic that I'll meet my health goals for the year. I feel positive about this for the first time in a long time. And I'm not just saying that so this doesn't turn into a Bitch List.

Fortunate. I feel this way most days. And most days I have to remind myself.

Prosperous. Just puttin' it out there.

AND excited because Kris Carr is going to be on Oprah today (with my Current Very Favorite Person, Dr. Mehmet Oz). Kris's book was the first to come out under the Skirt! Books imprint (mine is the last one in 2007) and I'll ride those publicity coattails quite happily. Besides that, she's just an amazing person and has touched a lot of lives with her film and book. Today. 4 o'clock. Be there or be square.


  1. I'm baaaaack!

    Bug on your arm?
    Nightmares. Me.

  2. Welcome back! I hope my bug didn't really give you nightmares. Well, not MY bug. Jesus's bug now, since he is in bug heaven.


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