Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I have been, yes. I'm not quite ready to discuss what's been going on in my personal life lately (please don't die from shock). I have become more reticent in the past few years, but this time it's because I'm saving all of it for book number two. If I blow it all here, what am I going to write about next? Politics? Already sick of it. Sex? I've had my "closed for business" sign out for a while now. My past? It's taken me years to finally get all of that buried in a tight little corner in the back of my brain for some therapist to try and ferret out when I'm 60. I'm having some new adventures, kids, and they are good ones.

We'll talk more soon, I promise. I miss you when I'm not here.


  1. Yes! More books!

    Many books are good.

    I like books more than I like the sweet tea at Jestine's.

    And that's saying something.

  2. Your blog is better than me

  3. pole dancing? your presidential campaign? a high wire routine with barnum & bailey? pimping miss kitty for her big audition?


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