Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Drink your juice, Shelby...

Kris Carr, filmmaker and author of Crazy Sexy Cancer, and Dr. Mehmet Oz were on Oprah last year and they both talked about the "green drinks" they make every morning. Basically, they just throw anything green from the fridge into the juicer - cucumber, kale, celery, broccoli, etc. Dr. Oz's book, You on a Diet, has been my health bible since I started reading it in September.

Since I'm not a fan of most raw, green veggies (except avocado, baby greens, and spinach), I thought juicing might be a good way to get more green nutrients (right now I get them in pill form with a whole food multi vitamin. After a little research (mostly on Kris's blog, reading what her readers recommend), I bought a Breville juicer. I used it a LOT at first. I felt great, had a ton of energy, my blood sugar was stable, and my skin looked so good I got carded. Then, as with many of my "magic" solutions (exercise bands, belly dancing DVDs, raw food diet), my juice obsession gradually waned.

My first excuse was that juicing takes time. I can buy somewhat "fresh" unpasteurized juice, grab a bottle, and take it with me in two seconds. Juicing (even with a juicer that eats apples whole) is at least a 20-minute affair, including cleanup. My second is that I was throwing away produce. Unless I juiced twice a day for the amount of organic produce I bought, I ended up with bad fruit and vegetables. So even though store-bought juice is more expensive and not "alive," I've justified myself out of juicing for almost three months now.

As a result, I think I look tired and older than my RealAge. I definitely lack energy. And my super bad habit of skipping meals was screwing with my blood sugar enough to make me worry that I'm being a very bad diabetic.

This weekend, I decided to break my own curse and return to juicing. I bought a cart full of fruits and veggies, not a single processed item, and even if I have to juice three times a day I'm not going to throw anything out this week. This morning I had tomato, celery, parsley, spinach and watercress. Yesterday I had carrot/ginger/apple - twice. And now I'm searching through my favorite healthy web sites for more juice recipes. I have a pile of cucumbers, but haven't yet found the right cucumber-something combo. And cucumber by itself is OK, but not delish. Any ideas? I thought about cucumber-chocolate, but besides grossing me out I think that defeats the purpose.


  1. melon and mint! some sort of cucumber melon concoction would be yummy. wishing i had juice instead of a burrito for lunch...

  2. Re: tomato, celery, parsley, spinach and watercress.

    Toss in beets and carrots and you could've had a V8.

  3. Here's where I admit I just skipped the entire last paragraph of your entry because, eww, and I'm eating.

    But as for the fresh veggies, here's a couple of ideas from a former veggie (and fruit) waster:

    Foodsaver (Expensive but so worth it):

    Buy locally. Aside from the farmer's market, try a U-Pick-It farm. Both are a hell of a lot cheaper, and more fresh, than the store. Not to mention the added benefits of fun in the sun and helping the "green" cause by not buying shipped.

    And, with that, I officially feel old. Next I'll be telling you about my new cotton knit pants and coupon-clipping heydays. Kidding.

    (Well, mostly. Land's End elastic band capris? Not as Grandma-ish as I thought.)

  4. LB - I never even thought about melon and mint! Duh. AND I could use the stuff from the catcher thingy on my face as a mask.

    Jaz - some vodka and Worcestershire and I'd have a bloody mary!

    Mir - what is so gross about cucumber? Oh - the cucumber and chocolate thing? I wouldn't put it past me to try it. I'm going to try the foodsaver too!

  5. When Margie and I were in NOLA, Chris made us watermelon/cucumber/mint smoothie deals. Maybe you could try that combo. It was fresh and deeeelicious.

  6. Whoops -- just found you, left you this comment like a big dumb ass:
    not realizing at first the post was freaking nearly three years old!

    So I'm leaving you a comment here where you'll see it.

  7. Dude, I want a juicer. Come make me juice every day. I will pay you in beets and watercress and Beulah-pants


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