Thursday, April 24, 2008

Real quick...

'cause I'm busy (busy stuffing my face with salad). Margaret was kind enough to offer to pick up lunch and asked me what I wanted and from where...I wished out loud for the salad I saw on a tv commercial last night. Margaret said she thought there was a Zaxby's on James Island and told me to Google it - there is! So she went and got a lovely "Zensation"* salad for me.

It was like magic: see something on television, want it, get it.

Yum. Happy day. How tasty is this salad? Shut the hell up, that's how good it is.

*Note: this is definitely not a low fat salad. I can tell because I'm eating it and the fat cells on my thighs are cheering.


  1. Hey Kelly,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the Zalad. It's also one of my favorites!

    Malinda Grimes
    Zaxby's Marketing

  2. Thank you Melinda Grimes! I have to tell you - the tiny egg roll is genius.

  3. Holy crap, Zaxby's posted on your blog!

    I also have food news. I found the BEST barbecue place on the way back from Pacifica yesterday in a renovated railcar. It was slap your momma good. Do you KNOW how hard it is to find good barbecue around here?

  4. Jem - I am coming to live with you in SF right now. The only thing that kept me from moving to the west coast was lack of BBQ. And grits, but I did hear they have grits in CA now. Wondering (a) if it was better than JB's Smokestack and (b) if the cook is southern.

  5. Nah, these guys are native Pacifica residents. And sweet manna from heaven, you just don't even KNOW. I'm dying to drive over there now and get some...and the nana puddin. We were driving back from Simons' surf outing, and did a screeching S-turn across two lanes of traffic, swerved around a taqueria, and galloped in the door with expectant faces. So worth it, an infinitely better than Memphis Minnie's which is only four blocks away...they cut the pork too big and have a disturbing number of porcine tchotchkes on everything that will stand still.

    But yes, come live! I will take you to my favorite Vietnamese restaurant! And my favorite deep dish pizza spot! And my super secret dumpling palace.

    Oh, and i have four bags of yella grits. There's no shortage.


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