Monday, May 26, 2008

I love brunch...

I would brunch every weekend if I could. While in Charlotte on vacation this weekend, Aleigh and I met our friend Lindsey for brunch at a lovely restaurant called Lulu. The food was A. Maze. Ing.

This is me waiting for Aleigh to snap the photo so I can dig in to my Lulu Benedict. It had lobster and a fried green tomato and something spicy and hollandaise sauce and I think it was from heaven.

Lindsey and Aleigh are ready to dig in too. Yay, brunch! I hardly missed the bloody marys and bellinis.


  1. Yes, but do you like your brunch with zombies?

    In all seriousness, Sunday brunch is the one thing I truly miss about my last job. OK, maybe it was just the hollandaise that I am far too lazy to make.

  2. Wow - that does look like a great brunch! I could eat hollaindaise sauce right out of a bowl.

  3. Heather - I would like my brunch with zombies, with monsters, or with vampires. Not Count Chocula or Frankenberry though. Cereal just ruins a brunch.

    Teri - one of my brunch companions ordered her hollandaise on the side and I was very impressed with her willpower.


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