Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My narrow escape from mall jail...

Aleigh and I were at the Southpark Mall on Sunday (my favorite shopping mecca when in Charlotte). During our trip, we went into the Apple store to ooh and ahh over the coolness (don't judge me...we still don't have any Apple stores in Charleston) and on our way out I noticed that the window display had MY very same pink Nano in the window. I might have squealed a little bit, as I love my iPod more than I love some of my family members. Al decided to take a detour into the women's room, so while I was standing there I decided to snap a photo of the window display with my digital camera.
As soon as I pulled out my camera, a little man (you can see part of him to the far right of the photo) wearing a mall security guard uniform came up to me and mumbled something.

"What?" (I said as I snapped some photos.)

"You caint take pitchers in the mall."


"You caint take pitchers."

I raised my eyebrow into the "you didn't answer my damn question" position.

He put his hand on his "holster" of what I assume was pepper spray.

I nodded toward a nearby common area where a family who clearly had never been to a mall before was madly snapping photos of each other. "So no one can take photos in this mall? Or is it just me?"

"You caint take pitchers of stores."

"Really? I guess you have to put me in mall jail then." I laughed like I was joking, but I really wasn't because I thought it might be fun to be "detained" by the mall police. Can you call them police? They can't carry firearms.

He walked away, presumably to go tell the family from Bumf*ck, NC, that they "caint take pitchers in the mall." I snapped a few more before putting my camera away, just to be a bitch.


  1. See, when I hear Apple store, I think "orchard" and have all these pastoral images of you and your pals sipping cider, going on a hayride, seeing an old-timey demonstration of how apples were pressed back in the day...

    Anyway. Irrelevant.

    This "caint take pitchers" mentality is starting to pop up more and more freaking everywhere and I'm really getting tired of it because it is freaking stupid.

    Friends have told me that they have been told in some cities that they could not take pictures on the street.

    Sanity will return to the world someday, right?

    Yes, maybe, please?

  2. If there was an Apple store with hayrides and cider and old-timey demonstrations, I would still go. I might not squeal as much about the apple pressing as I would about the Macbook Air though.

    I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to go to mall jail. I know there is such a thing. I had friends in high school who shoplifted frequently. I would have taken a "pitcher" of it. And seriously, what can they do to you if you ignore admonishments to not take pictures ON THE STREET??

  3. You are such a rebel. You are my hero! :)

    I swear this makes me want to go take pitcher willy nilly! Yeah willy nilly pitchers that'll show
    'em. One of my pet peeves is folks saying pitchers insteas of pictures. I HATE IT.

    When I was in Vegas with my husband, he wanted to take my picture at a 3card poker table. He was probably 10 feet from me when he lifted the camera to his eye. You would have thought he had pulled out a gun! The security freaked out. Later I learned that it is not illegal to
    take pitchers inside of casinos. they can ask you not to, but they can't take your camera or arrest you. They were assholes.
    Have a great weekend, thanks for the always entertaining blog.

  4. Lisa - I agree! Pitcher anarchy everywhere! Love the Vegas story. I guess they take that "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" thing pretty darn seriously.


    You can take pictures in a mall. Just be careful, read this.


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