Monday, June 02, 2008


Highlight of the weekend: I was in the front row for Scheer McBrayer improv at Theatre 99 last evening...laughed for the entire performance. I managed to sneak in a little video with my camera...didn't want to get caught so it's short, but these guys were great. And I needed a good laugh (who the hell doesn't?).

I have to admit there were a few points during the show when I was like, "holy crap I could reach out and touch Jack McBrayer's cute little tennis shoes" because I LOVE him on 30 Rock. Also? Paul Scheer was one of the most talented improv comedians I've ever seen.


  1. Illegal mall pics, the gateway to bootleg videos.

    Good girl gone bad, with a camera!

  2. I am becoming a bit of an anarchist with the taking of the pictures and the filming of the videos! Next I'll be filming movies in theaters and selling the bootleg DVDs on King Street.


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