Thursday, December 04, 2008

New family member?

Now that I'm working from home again, this might be the perfect time to get a puppy. I've checked with all the local shelters, and while some of them have puppies, none have small breeds (puppy or otherwise) and I really can't handle a dog larger than 10lbs.

I had considering getting a kitten, which would be cat #2 (and I wrote about getting a kitty as a pet for Miss Kitty a while back), but after a couple of vet visits (I go to Cats Only in Mt P) this summer, I realized that she hates other cats. However, she loves dogs. My former roommate had a beagle when I got Nina as a baby and she liked him. I had an upstairs neighbor last year who had a Maltese named Barkley or Barker or something like that and she LOVED him. She used to hear him in the entryway and I let her out to greet him a few times. After neighbor and dog went back upstairs, Nina would sit at the front door and cry for hours.

So my new family member might be a dog. I've been researching breeds, and would love a flat-faced dog to match my flat-faced kitty. I don't think I could deal with a Pekinese (yippy and nasal issues), Yorkie (neurotic as sister has one), or a French bulldog (gorgeous, but expensive). So I've narrowed it down to Pomeranian (you have to get them when they're babies because they are spoiled easily, according to the dog whisperer); Maltese (just so stinking cute), or Brussels Griffon (the dog from As Good As It Gets). Pure bred Brussels run upwards of $2,000 and I'm not spending that on a dog. I'd much rather adopt, but am also open to paying a small fee for a non-registered mix.

I have calls in to some breeders, trying to weed out the puppy farms (will not buy from puppy farm) and have found a few. One is selling a Pom Maltese mix for $500, which I think is a little pricey for a dog that isn't pure bred. In fact, I've found pure bred Pomeranians for less than that, papers included. But if you know anyone with Maltese, Pomeranian, Brussels Griffon, or any mix of these in puppy form that might be selling or putting up for adoption, put me in touch!


  1. Dogs require work. Cats are self-sufficient. Even though our Csrolina dog (also known as "American Dingo") is loyal, gentle, affectionate, and smart as hell, she needs to be walked, even in 39 degree weather. Think about it.

  2. That's why I'm thinking a small dog would be easier. A block would feel like a mile to a teeny pup, yes? Also, on freezing mornings, can't you just open the door, grasp dog in one hand, dangle over grassy area, and give it a good squeeze for tinkle time?

    In all seriousness though, if I don't find something to get me out of the house at least twice a day soon I'm going to lose my fragile mind.

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  5. I wrote about this very thing today:

    Link to post about dogs

    I don't regret for a moment getting my pup 9 months ago - you're not going to neglect a dog if you actually get one so don't let people try and put you off! :)

    There is a common misconception that littler dogs need less exercise though, which is not true. But if you do your research you can find a breed to suit your lifestyle and your pace.

    Please post photos asap!!

  6. Not all Pekingese are family all has them, I've been around them all my life, and I had one who lived to be 18. I've probably spent time with 20 different Pekingese owned by my family. In my experience they are not interested enough in people or other dogs to yip. Must be the royal background!

    Just my two very biased two cents!

  7. Thanks, warriorgirl - I read your post and it was really helpful!

    Suz - good point about the breed. I've been getting info either from web sites or past experience (I once knew someone with a Pekinese that was absolutely dreadful), but I know a lot of the behavior stuff depends on the owner. I can't wait to be a dog mom!


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