Friday, May 29, 2009

"That's only 12 job, lazy woman!"

I'm probably dating myself here, but if you remember the early 90s you might have seen Keenen Ivory Wayans' sketch comedy show "In Living Color." I was in or just out of high school and watched it every week (loved the Fly Girls...Jennifer Lopez was one and Rosie Perez did the choreography). Also, Jim Carrey (back then known as "James Carrey") was hilarious.

For some reason, I was thinking this week - as I juggled some volunteer work with some freelance writing with some career transition counseling clients - about a recurring sketch on the show called "Hey Mon." The sketch was about a West Indian family called The Hedleys. I could explain it to you, but it won't be funny because I can't do an accent properly in writing. It's one of those things you have to see yourself:

Earlier in the week, I ran into a neighbor while walking Lou and she asked me what I've been working on. I tried to give her a brief rundown but stopped around the five-minute mark when I saw her eyes start to drift. I should have just said "I work from home and I have many jobs, woman" (in a West Indian accent). But I try hard not to be one of the neighborhood crazy ladies (the ones I will cross the street to avoid if I see them sitting on their porch...I promise to tell you the one about the lady who thinks my dog is a fox).

OK, so here's the summary of my current jobs:

Freelance writer. Have written a few pieces for Charleston Mag, one for Breathe Magazine, one for Lowcountry Dog (you can see the issue online and my piece is on page 5), one for an issue of Charleston Home that isn't out yet, and I'm working on a few more for various pubs that are due next month.

Media Buyer. I'm working for an amazing interactive ad agency, Broad Street Interactive. It specializes in "hyperlocal," geographic- and demographic-targeted online ad placement. I've helped build huge ad networks for various clients, many of them nonprofits and lobby organizations. Coolest one so far: We have a network of media outlets for online advertising broken down by Congressional Districts across the U.S. Check out the web site for more of what we do.

Career Transition Consultant. I've taken on several clients as a career counselor for Willows-Marsh Employee Lifecycle Consulting. The woman who is the managing partner is amazing and I love working with her.

Author/Speaker. I'm still doing discussions, signings, and readings for my book, Skirt Rules for the Workplace. Many are private for specific companies or organizations, but I list the public events on my book web site.

Volunteer. I volunteer for the Center for Women once or twice a month for its career counseling program and am currently doing volunteer marketing work for the new Planned Parenthood Health Center in Charleston (grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony June 12 at 4pm!).

OK, I know that's only five job, mon. But I didn't include Freelance Publicist, Social Media Consultant, Ad Copywriter, or any of the other freelance gigs I've been working on here and there. And that should bring me up to 12 job, mon. Which proves my theory that I'm a workaholic by nature - even at home, on my own schedule, on my own time, even with three Netflix movies, the TV, and the couch calling my name.

And let me add that is the coolest online invention since Twitter. You can see ALL of my jobs here.


  1. Ha! That's so funny. Dave and I were just talking about that sketch because he, too, has about "12 job, Mon!" I'll have to tell him he's not the only one who still quotes from that sketch:)

  2. What a coincidence! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers that sketch!

  3. OMG, I forgot about that show. "And I tink I love he!" - hilarious!

  4. Thank you for the mention Kelly. We're lucky to work with you


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