Friday, July 10, 2009

Celebrating Lulu's 9-month birthday...

Yes, it involved a pupcake. She celebrated early with the family the week before. I'm still wearing a band-aid on my arm because she nipped me when I attempted to move her from rug to floor at my mom's house after my mom gave her a t-bone...note to self: my dog is not "food aggressive" (she's "food motivated"), but when it comes to real steak bones, stay away.


Some milestones: She is big enough to jump on my bed (and off of it) so I didn't have to buy puppy stairs after all. She knows what it means when I say "get your ball." She's protective and barks her ass off if a stranger comes to the door (we've done the "no barking" training, but I like that she barks to alert me). I've left her alone for 8 hours and she didn't act out (only pottied on puppy pad and didn't chew any shoes). She doesn't cry when we go for rides in the car anymore. And my favorite: She tells me when she needs to go outside (she used to just go on her pad).

Miss Kitty didn't participate in the birthday festivities, but she refrained from torturing Lulu for the day (drinking out of her bowl, taking over her dog bed), which was gift enough.

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  1. Happy birthday, Lulu! I'm so glad you're a dog person now. The mention of dog steps makes me laugh. My parents got those for their dog and I broke them. Apparently they're not meant to hold the weight of human (news only to me, I'm sure).


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