Saturday, June 13, 2009

There's nothing better...

than a rainy, stormy Saturday afternoon when it's 90+ degrees outside and you were smart enough to take the dog for a nice long walk in the morning when it was still cool and not raining and do the dishes and go to the grocery store, which leaves your afternoon free to turn down the air conditioning to 67 degrees and take a nap on top of your duvet/comforter with a throw blanket over your feet, fat little puppy on one side and cat on the other while it pours rain and thunders outside. Guilt-free group naps. They're the best.

Also good: having a stack of unread library books, dinner that doesn't require a lot of preparation in the fridge, the 2nd two discs of Weeds season 4, and a great excuse for staying in for the evening.

The only thing better: if I get to do it all over again on Sunday.


  1. Know what's weird...watched Friday the 13th (the newest one) today, well, I had my hands over my eyes for most of it. Its probably the best of them all, a complilation of all the stories. Really weird began on June 13, 1980, today was June the 14th. If we'd put that in last night, I think I would have said "Um, let's watch something else." By far the best and most creative death scenes I have EVER seen. I was squirming most of the time and almost bailed with a half hour left. Now THAT'S a good horror movie!

  2. Must remember not to watch that one in the theater...Drag Me to Hell was scary enough!


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