Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lulu is 8 months old today!

Yes, I celebrate her monthly birthdays. And she gets a "pup cake." I've become one of "those" dog moms. I was looking through some photos yesterday and my little Pom has gotten so big! I think she was about 2 lbs. when I brought her home:


And at her last vet visit, she was NINE POUNDS. She official outweighs Miss Kitty. Some of it might be fur, but I'm hoping she doesn't get too much bigger. My happy girl:


Now I understand why people end up with multiple dogs. When they get to the "teenager" stage and stop being puppies, you want another one. I do, but will resist. I haven't forgotten how hard the potty training and having to stay close to home for the first few months were.

Happy 8-month birthday to my little pip!


  1. Such a tiny little one and so cute! It makes me want to get another dog, but I have a Lab and it would probably eat a small one. ;)

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