Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Gleeful Wednesday...

I haven't looked forward to a TV show (with the exception of 30 Rock) all day since the short-lived series Popular was on the WB. Oddly enough, Glee was created by Ryan Murphy, who also created Popular, which was canceled in 2001. Apparently, I've waited EIGHT YEARS to fall in love with my television again. I don't make plans for Wednesday nights. I watch clips of the show (and full episodes again) on YouTube and Hulu. Because I am over 30, this is slightly embarrassing. The show is about a high school glee club. Popular, also set in high school, was not quite as embarrassing because I was still in my 20s when it was on the air.

This one's from my favorite episode ("put a ring on it") and features my favorite character, Kurt, who reminds me of my best friend from high school. This episode actually made me cry at the end. Don't judge. I've already done an unofficial poll of my mature 20-something and over-30 friends: They ALL adore this show. In fact, as much as I love Family Guy, if FOX cancels Glee before its 3rd season, I'm boycotting the channel forever. Oh, and since I'm sharing: I've memorized a few dance routines from the show (it makes me blush to write this) and I am anxiously awaiting a CD from a friend who downloaded songs from the show and is sending them to me. Because I'm too cheap frugal to order them from iTunes myself.

p.s. Don't call me between 9 and 10 on Wednesday nights.


  1. I just discovered this show after seeing previews/clips online (I can't access Hulu as I am in the UK so have had to get a little 'creative' in how I have acquired it) - I adore it. I watched all 5 episodes in one sitting (also pretty embarrassing since I too am in my thirties). I thought that it was on Tuesday nights in the US so I got home tonight, tried to 'acquite' it and realised it was on tonight, meaning I will be in bed by the time it airs. Tomorrow night, though, I will be watching it as soon as I get home.

    ps Kurt made me cry and then his Dad's gruff kindness made me cry harder.

  2. I promise I've heard from tons of people in their 30s (and older!) that love the show as much as we do! I'm discarding my embarrassment.

    The ring on it episode was great and I wish my childhood best friend's dad had reacted the same way when he found out he was gay, but he kicked him out of the house instead. That's what really brought out the tissues. Also that my friend died when he was 24 and I still miss him. He was very Kurt-like (except around his family, and he was taller and blonde).

  3. And i wish my brother had felt able to come out when he was 16 instead of waiting until he was 21 and already quite screwed up. My dad was not quite as overtly accepting as Kurt's (mind you I wasn't there so I don't know exactly what was said) but he has always been loving and supportive.


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