Saturday, October 10, 2009

My furbaby is one year old today...

I can't believe she's been with me since she was 8 weeks old. And that there was a dog person hidden inside my cat lady. Or that I could love a little ball of fur whose poop I have to pick up in a bag WITH MY HAND so much. She got me off the couch in December. She gets me out of bed every day. She's been better for me emotionally than any shrink I've ever seen (after all these years it's nice to discover that all I needed was a furry animal to tell my secrets to who would simply respond with a worried expression and a cock of the head...could have saved a some $$ on therapy if I'd figured that out 10 years ago).

Baby Lulu at 8 weeks:

Lulu today:

She's a very happy girl and we bought a dozen "birthday bones" from the dog bakery to hand out to her neighborhood fur-buddies. Happy birthday to my little furball!


  1. Thanks, Elizabeth! She's had so many birthday treats today that she hasn't eaten her regular food. Hoping she doesn't get the barfs like little kids do after eating too much cake!


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