Friday, February 11, 2011

Playing around with site design...

I thought about switching to Wordpress because I use it so much for clients, but decided to do a little revamp of Microfamous and keep it on Blogger for now. Header done in about 5 minutes with Photoshop Elements and color changes html coded with hex numbers.

I use "new" Blogger (it's not that new) for, but have kept the old html format on this site since 2003 because it's a good way to keep up my html and CSS skills, which I'm using less and less often with push-button publishing being so prevalent.

Not the most exciting blog post in EVER, but be thrilled for me because I've had "update blog design" on my to-do list for about 10 months now...


  1. And I love that you brought the old tagline back. This new header is so you. Go rock it.

  2. Thanks, Angie! I think I like the new one too - it's a lot cleaner. And I missed the old "navel-gazing" tagline!


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