Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Particularly irksome...
I've had a twitch in my left eyelid for two days now. I thought it would go away with a good night's sleep, but apparently nine hours isn't sufficient because it was still twitching away when I woke up this morning. It's not painful, but it is annoying as hell.

My obsessive compulsiveness made me do an Internet search to self-diagnose (something I do anytime I have ANYTHING that resembles a "symptom") and the general consensus is that it's caused by stress. And maybe too much coffee. The cure? Don't be stressed. And quit the caffeine.

I just might have to live with it.


  1. My mommy always said if you had an eye twitch or muscle spasm that you need potassium -- so go eat a banana or two and see if that helps. :)

  2. KLo, I developed a 'twitch' in my right eye, lower lid about February. It has only subsided last month. Hope yours doesn't last the better part of a year! But, if it does, I'd like to come to Charleston and point and laugh at you.

  3. I'm going with stress - cuz if it was coffee that caused it, you'd have to pin my eyelids open a la "A Clockwork Orange" to keep 'em from twitching!

    try 10 hours of sleep and a banana, or 10 bananas and an hour of sleep...

  4. 9 more hours of sleep and three bananas later...
    It's still there! I'm on my third cup of coffee this morning though, so apparently it doesn't bother me that much. I'm hoping people will just think I'm winking at them.

  5. my sister had that for a really long time then she found out how to fic it. you have to put a pack of warm tea bags over your eye at night and then it goes away fast.


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