Monday, April 04, 2005

Put your clothes back on, princess...
My worst recurring nightmare has always been the one where you dream that you wake up and go to school/work/anywhere in public and suddenly realize you're naked and everyone else has clothes on. I never thought it could actually come true, but it did. And because the actual event is apparently never quite embarrassing enough for me, I also wrote about it in this month's Skirt! magazine.


  1. the that is a pretty bad dream (clearly a lot worse if it happened) i don't think its the worst ever.

    the worst dream ever is the one where you're naked on a treadmill in the center of the colluseum and then the peguins are unleashed on you and everyone starts cheering and you know you've just met your doom...

  2. Mine was always learning I had signed up for a class and had a final, but had never been to the class. The torture of it is it's just plausible enough to freak you out.

  3. db, you too? Do they throw pickles and demand canadian bacon?


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