Monday, May 23, 2005

I remember when rock was young...
I found this site over the weekend and listened to like 10 of the shows while stuck inside fighting off a head cold and bored with the tee-vee. It made me nostalgic for the way some radio stations used to be. It wasn't always just song, song, commercial, annoying commercial, car commercial, song. I loved listening to the chatter between songs - DJs talking about what concerts they went to, who the best bass player in the world is, about the MUSIC.

That's why I like Pop Vultures so damn much. It was apparently only on the air a short time in the northeast, but it looks like they're trying to produce it for podcast now. Outside of This American Life, it's my new favorite radio program, if only for the show about Outkast (#6 if you're going there for a listen...). And #8 (the "guilty pleasures" show) is hiLARious.

I can't remember what I did before streaming audio.

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  1. girl - i know i haven't commented lately, but thanks. Even though I'd get pissed when the DJ stepped on my songs while I was trying to make a cool mix tape, I always thought that would've been the coolest. job. ever.


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