Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Nocturnal Transmissions...
I think I've mentioned before that I really hate when people tell me "what they dreamed last night." I despise it. I want to sit them down and explain that someone else's dreams are NEVER interesting to hear. Dreams are only interesting to the person who dreamed them. They don't make sense to anyone else. What are you supposed to say in response to someone telling you their dream? "Um, that's...interesting?" I'm convinced that's where dream dictionaries came from: A lack of any other form of response to hearing about someone's sketchy, oddball, surreal dreams. "You dreamed about your teeth falling out? Well, that means you're probably working through anxiety."

Ugh. Whatever. I did have a point here.

Either I'm developing another personality, or someone is hijacking my brain at night, because I'm dreaming someone else's dreams. I'm not breaking my own rule to tell you this, since I'm technically telling you a dream I had that wasn't mine, but if you have the same peeve I do, stop reading now.

To sum it up, the dream involved a vacation to Greece (where I would NEVER go...I hate/fear sunny locales). Not only was Greece "my" idea, I was also involved with someone I used to know, who I no longer see, and with whom I have no urge to re-establish contact (None. Whatsoever). But in the dream I was his girlfriend (not in a million years), I was upset because he was being distant (also not in a million years). And I think I was French (I don't particularly like the French). In real life I can parler un peu, but I didn't understand most of what was coming out of my mouth in the dream. I did look up the only complete phrase I remembered this morning: "amarante à fleurs en queue." The best translation I could come up with was "love lies bleeding." It's colloquial; literally it means something about flower stalks.

I woke up feeling a little dirty and confused. So I looked up "dreaming in French" in a dream dictionary. It says: "Perhaps you are unwilling to understand or not giving enough attention to some waking relationship. Dreaming you are speaking French means an expression of love." Hmmm...definitely not mine. Not with that one, anyway.

It could have been the soy dogs with onion, relish & ketchup I had for dinner. Or one of my way-back French (Canadian) ancestors was trying to communicate via my dream. Or it could be the universe giving me a little smack on the back of the head for being intolerant by forcing me to watch a dream that I wouldn't listen to if it came out of someone else's mouth.


  1. Was it a "Not Dog?" I like referring to them as "Naught Dogs." They're dreadful and tend to repeat on you.
    Perhaps the relationship you are not giving enough attention to is with me. Come visit me and bring books. And trashy magazines. I'm bored.

  2. Hmmm...I can remember describing a few dreams to you in the past, and I know you hate it!

    Somewhere I think I just refuse to believe that everything I say isn't the most interesting thing you hear all day. Hee!

  3. J - It was a Not Dog...a "Smart Dog," to be specific! And I am not coming to visit you because I know you'll try to show me your foot and gross me out.

    A - I TOTALLY pretended your dreams were interesting.


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