Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Expecting the obligatory bitter I'm-single-therefore-I-hate-Valentine's Day post?
You won't get that here. Not from me. Not today.

I have the same shoes as my one-year-old nephew.
I have them on right now.
We are matching.
My heart is full.


  1. Those shoes will look great on you when you're riding your new bike. How's it coming?

  2. The shoes DO look great when I'm riding my new bike! I was thinking about designing my own pair of Chucks on Converse.com with flames to match the paint job on my bike.

    Al, you know I'm just a marshmallow with a hard candy shell.

  3. I have those shoes, too.
    Yes, that particular inanimate object makes my heart full! Need no Valentine's Day here!


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